What the US Department of Agriculture BioPreferred Program Means for Sustainability

Photo by Lance Cheung

As global warming and climate change continue to become a main stage issue on a worldwide scale, the USDA continues to stay active in promoting more green and eco-friendly programs in its industry.

Through its BioPreferred program, the USDA has helped increase market and economic development for products that use renewable and sustainable resources. This comes at an important time where peak dependence in non-sustainable petroleum based products adversely affect our environmental health.

The BioPreferredĀ program brings focus to:

  • bio-based brand awareness through the labeling of products that meet requirements
  • Requiring federal agencies to purchase products in the bio-based products category.

This initiative has helped companies consider a more environmentally friendly approach when it comes to producing products such as lubricants, paints, and cleaners that are good for the planet and help reduce pollution and waste.

At S.F. Products, we are proud to say that we work with the USDA to bring you cleaning products that make a difference for the planet.



USDA Photo by Lance Cheung




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