Green Technology: Why You Should Use Bio-based Detergents and Cleaners


Eco friendly products are a must these days. Renewable, sustainable products are more important than ever for the conservation of our planet. When it comes to cleaners, one word you will start seeing a lot is “bio-based”. What does it mean? How disposable are they? Here’s why you should consider them if your looking into “going green”:


Bio-based products are made from renewable resources.

When shopping for environmentally friendly products, bio-based is the way to go. They are made from renewable resources and are highly sustainable, unlike most petroleum based products that are harmful for the environment. Keep your eye out for for USDA Bio Preferred products so you know you are buying from environmentally responsible companies.


Bio-based products are biodegradable

Minimizing waste is an issue with all products. Once a product meets the end of its work life, where does it go? Sadly, most of the time its the garbage dump. Many products do not decompose and end up leeching toxic chemicals into the ground for years on end. This is another reason why bio-based products are a winner. They are totally biodegradable, eliminating harmful after-effects when you dispose of it, which makes us all feel better in the end.


What are your thoughts about the bio based movement ? Are you ready to say yes to bio-based products?









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